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John Nicholson is the founder of www.The 401K Man.com, an independent insurance & financial services agency dedicated to helping others find their solutions through the myriad of choices when seeking insurance, retirement and financial advice. John's career path began with helping others in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The 401K Man is an independent agency servicing the Midwest which provides a wide variety of choices as opposed to one size fits all plan available at many of the larger financial or "brand" insurance companies & firms. We offer many solutions from basic insurance policies to comprehensive estate planning.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

401K Rollover solutions

Taking a few little steps to rollover your 401(K) will allow you to transfer your old savings plan from doing nothing into a new savings plan that will give you more money and savings tax free for the future.
If properly done you could have a sizable bonus added to it as well.
We are offering a wide variety of information on our site to help provide solutions. If you are looking to have a sizable retirement income in place, you need to start a planning process which promotes a higher rate of return which is very important along with compounding and deferring the tax. While having a "safe" environment for your money to grow. 
One of our specialties is to find solutions for people starting a retirement plan later in life. We offer a hybrid product that is an Annuity with Whole Life Insurance which is very beneficial  towards growing your retirement while simultaneously offering a loan plan.
We offer a wide variety of ways for plan members to exit from their current plan administrators platform without any risk and can offer a bonus to your retirement plan through our network of fortune 500 listed insurance and financial institutions that we are affiliated with. Our licensed, trained advisors are available at every step of the way to help you through leaving or moving your plan from one carrier to another or to a plan that you can self direct potentially offering large savings for your retirement.
If you would like more information please call our toll free number 877-775-0812 You can also use the contact tab below to submit your questions or set up a short phone consultation via our calendar option.