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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alternative Investments


Many types of alternatives investment choices are currently available which can be perfectly safe such as Annuities, structured settlements, tax liens and real estate notes.
Investment clubs which pool money for investment purposes or allow a person to choose to borrow or lend from have also gained a tremendous amount of popularity from investors.Many of these alternative products are available through our organization from licensed, registered professionals in our network.
One alternative which is gaining popularity is buying court ordered structured settlements, a previously owned annuity or Whole Life Insurance policy from someone who wants the income immediately and will sell the future rights to the income for a lesser lump sum portion payment now.
A Self Directed I.R.A. will allow you to invest your 401(K) or 403(B) retirement account with your own choice of investments and grow them. 
Roth accounts can also grow many alternative investments in a tax free manner giving you a tremendous growth rate when the proper investment is chosen. To find out more call the experts here at 401(K) fixes.
A Third party administrator is required to maintain assets in a self directed I.R.A. We have a large group of fiduciaries who could help you provide services which will allow you to really boost your retirement planning in these slower growth economic times, please feel free to contact us toll free at 877-775-0812 to discuss your retirement and financial planning needs. You can also use the contact tab below to submit a question or request a free initial consultation of 20 minutes via our contact tab below.
Alternative investments are one of the fastest growing asset classes among investments.
There are many forms of alternative investments that are available to invest in throughout the world and the United States. Real estate, Tax liens, Gold, E.T.F.s, M.L.P.s, futures, commodities and more are all making major inroads as new forms of investment besides the stock market.
Growth in alternative investments has become almost mainstream for driven investors seeking better rates of return than the conventional stocks and bonds route. 
Our advisers specialize in Roth I.R.A.sSelf Directed I.R.A.s  along side retirement, financial and investment planning. This growing field continues to grow and offer many choices that can be fully securitized and backed fortune 500 companies, court ordered or even pooled. We also have many other choices along with rates of interest in the double digit growth area. If you would like more information on these opportunities contact  The401Kman toll free at 877-775-0812