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Monday, February 17, 2014

Tax Free


Retirement Income

If you were told that a tax free retirement was possible and approved by the I.R.S. we are sure like many others you would shrug it off and say, Oh sure! We are here to tell you though that it is true actually and also been in existence for quite some time (decades) just not that well publicized.
Insurers have had the ability to provide an tax free income stream for quite some time if the policy was properly structured. In most instances it has distinctively better benefits than a Roth account due to no income limitations. These policies are not available through an average insurance company or agent. You must call a professional well versed in the product that is offered so as not to cause major problems later with the policy structure and funding. 
It is quite often done for well off business leaders and high level sales people and not really noticed by the masses. Many of whom were led to believe they always would do better in the stock market with investments than through a multi tiered retirement planning program. 
401K Fixs are difficult to summarize in a few easily digestible paragraphs with each individuals goals and incomes sometimes drastically different from one persons to another. If you considering a rollover it is important to look at all options.
A tax free retirement plan is a great way to gain more than a typical rollover offered through bank or brokerage house. Most people do though want the same thing when it comes to the end result, the LARGEST amount saved in the end for their retirement income stream. Few realize the true cost of fees from funds yearly and the worst cause of all losses occur when the markets drop unexpectedly late in the retirement cycle. 
Taxes are also a big concern as well in the overall picture that you must weigh in on when evaluating your retirement and 401K plan. If you choose to self direct or look into maintaining assets you will establish a way to avoid yearly fees from funds expenses and potentially realize the true advantage of compounding tax free.  
Taxes can easily be divided into two categories, "Do you want tax deductions?" or a tax free income for life? most would opt for a stream of income without a yearly taxable base. If you would like more information on how to structure your 401K plan to supply you a tax free income through one of the many options available.
A Health Savings Account is just one option that has the benefit of being funded with 401K funds and if properly done will have no tax consequence, even better funds can earn interest and not be taxed
If you would like more information on how to invest your 401(K) safely with low or no risk call the experts toll free at 877-775-0812 You also may send your questions or request a free initial consultation at our website www.The401Kman.com.