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Friday, June 28, 2019

Planning/ taking charge


Planning is a very important step towards financial freedom and to many people put it off until it is too late. If you are a younger person starting out with a 401(K) plan at work it is a great way to begin your retirement. Company matching is a free gift which needs to be utilized. Unfortunately many will not put enough away to make up for the inflation or market losses late in life and other issues such as low growth over the course of their lifetime. We recommend trying a few different alternative plans in addition to putting away in your work sponsored 401(K) if you are not getting a match at your workplace to stay ahead.

Insurance and alternative investments along with other options are featured on our site along with some other important things to take advantage of. Investing in the markets is always very heavily promoted by the advisers whom make their living selling investments such as stocks and bonds. This should be a portion of your retirement but not your entire strategy. Most brokers will not have had a consistent track record of gains over the decades.
As your needs change from young to middle age you will attempt to keep more for your retirement than you did from your younger investing gains. There are a myriad of things to watch for. You will discover as you age such as taxes, interest rates, long term planning and more.
A corny analogy would be if you were a farmer, Would you want to pay a tax on one bag of seeds or plant the field to reap the harvest and pay the taxes on the entire crop?
Sadly many will not reap a harvest for they never began planning or thought it important enough to plan. Don't be one of those call now toll free 877-775-0812 to plant your seed and reap your harvest in retirement.
One other option is to use our contact tab below to submit your question or schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience with our calendar option. 

I say failure with the respect that when the 401K or IRA plan legislation was created its purpose was to supplement a true pension benefit plan (X amount of dollars during your retirement lifetime paid by your employer) and also supplement your Social Security. Fewer than half of America's businesses have a retirement plan today and approximately 25% of the American population will reach retirement age with no savings. It is a sad reality today that few organizations even have a pension nowadays in addition to the fact that most 401K plans will not even reasonably keep up with inflation in the future. I am not even going to get into Social Security for today's contributors since no one is even sure of what it could potentially look like in the next five to ten years.
If you would like more information on how to invest your 401(K) safely with low or no risk call the experts toll free at 877-775-0812 You may also send your questions or schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience via our contact tab below.

We are thinking like most the tax must be less for a bag of seed so we would all much rather pay the little amount of tax up front to reap the tax free rewards afterwards. Retirement planning and financial planning are much the same, will it worth it to pay a little now if we can reap a greater benefit after the growth tax free?

Only sitting with a professional, licensed planning expert will tell as everyone's case will be different.

We are going to use a little example of how 401K plans are really not useful towards providing a retirement benefit without extra help. If you have $1000.00 dollars in a 401K plan that is in the stock market which then drops 30% most people would agree it now would be $700.00 dollars. Now if the market regains 30% based on that $700.00 dollar amount would you have $1000.00? NO you are now back to $910.00. Your 401K plan does this daily, with the assets you have chosen, it does not matter what amount of risk or growth or color that you have chosen in your plan. Most people reading this will have a determination, realization or a notion that a 401K plan can be fixed. On the other hand if left to only looking at your statements and nothing else it is essentially a failure.

When I say taking charge I cannot stress enough the importance of the fact that you will be completely responsible for your outcome of your retirement plan. If you are truly diligent enough to keep tabs on its progress quarterly and invest in other assets outside of a 401K or open an Annuity you will be miles ahead of most. Next analyze the charges in fees that you are paying that can add up to a pretty sizable chunk over a lifetime. The other risks include years of languishing gains on Wall Street or the potential of inflation wiping out low rates of return. If you have had enough and now want to learn how to improve your retirement chances. I encourage you to read through out the site and feel free to call 877-775-0812 or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation via email here at The401kman,com

Most retirement plans have been based with assets that the providers feel are safe such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and a whopping 96% of Americans have their futures riding on the ups and downs of Wall Street. We are here to provide you a clear reality that you can take charge of your retirement and we wont necessarily turn you into the the wealthiest 1% of the population, but at least you will be a part of the 4% who take charge of their retirement to live it in the American Dream.