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Friday, June 28, 2019

Tax Liens


Property Tax Liens are the right to own a tax lien note issued from a government authority. These are issued in a procedure that will allow a homeowner a period of time to catch up with the payment of property taxes. It allows the tax lien certificate holder to receive a guaranteed rate of interest plus the note or certificate purchase price back from the homeowner if the homeowner brings it current before the house can be purchased by a tax lien certificate holder at auction. The rates of interest guaranteed back to the person who buys the tax lien certificate are typically  in the double digits offering a very good rate of return and possibly the option to own the property by paying for it at auction time when the owner has not paid the taxes due on the property. Many times these property title notes are auctioned off by a government entity (County,Parish, local municipality). These auctions are to take a tax delinquent property off of the tax rosters and bring it current up to date. These tax property auctions are a very inexpensive way to purchase property. It is used by investors to build assets, income, and can be successfully used in a self directed I.R.A. to grow without a taxable consequence if done properly. If you would like more information on how to invest your 401(K) safely with low or no risk call the experts toll free at 877-775-0812 You may also send your questions or request a free initial consultation at your convenience via our website The401Kman.com